Malden Mayor Gary Christenson
SENATOR Edward Markey
Stephen Wishoski, Director, MRA
Alex Bok, President MFOD

“This could be a really historic moment for the City.”

“I am grateful that they (MFOD) chose our community, out of 351 cities and towns in Massachusetts, for this potential project.”

“This is the very beginning of what will be a very long process that will involve, and insure, a lot of participation by the public.”

“Every game is an event. Every game is something fun for folks.”

“This is the perfect site. We have been aware of this site for 3.5 years...and we’ve been waiting. We have not spent our time with any other sites. We’re here to build this thing here in Malden and we’re very pleased that it is finally becoming available.”

“This will be a wonderful economic boost for the City.”

“This is designed to be affordable family entertainment.”

“We are incredibly proud to be here in Malden. We really believe that this is the best site in all of greater Boston.”

Matt Perry, President, National Sports Services
More from the MRA Hearing of 1/12/12:

“The key ingredients for success:

  1. You have to have market that makes sense. We know we have that. We’ve got the demographics. We’ve got the business base.

  2. You have to have a stadium to do the things you need to do as a business, but also do some of these multi-event activities.

  3. You have to have a stadium that gives the fans the experience they are looking for with their families.

  4. It’s important to have a league that is stable.

  5. It is important to have ownership that is committed to the project.

  6. You have to have management that is experienced.”

Watch a tour of the site and see an overview of the proposed Malden Park as presented by Mark Rosenshein, Vice President of The Architectural Team as presented at the MRA Hearing.

Learn more about our model ballpark, Hammons Field, as presented by its architect Phil Young of Pellham Phillips at the MRA Hearing.

Our FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions) for more from the MRA hearing.