"As I grew up, I knew that as a building it was on the level of Mount Olympus, the Pyramid at Giza, the nation's capitol, the czar's Winter Palace, and the Louvre — except, of course, that it is better than all those inconsequential places."

Commissioner Bart Giamatti

on Fenway Park

Just as there is more than one church in Rome and more than one temple in Jerusalem, there is room in Greater Boston for another outstanding ballpark and we intend to build it in Malden so that fans can watch and enjoy Minor League Baseball.

We won’t even try to replicate Fenway, but we are confident that Malden Park will be where friends and family can enjoy the game and each other’s company. 

Why Malden?

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What would a successful baseball park look like in Malden Center? What are the benefits?

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Credit Chris Caesar of the Malden Patch