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  1. 6,000 seat, state-of-the-art ballpark with 16 private boxes, Kids Zone and family-oriented grass picnic seating area.

  2. The ballpark will be privately financed and MFOD will not seek bonding authority or financial assistance for construction from the City of Malden.

The architectural firms designing the ballpark are:

  1.     Pellham Phillips Architects (now a part of Buxton Kubik Dodd Creative) in Springfield, MO designed the award-winning Double-A Ballpark Hammons Field.

  2.     The Architectural Team, based in Chelsea, MA, which has won numerous awards for its expertise in urban design.

The Malden High School varsity baseball team will be able to play its regular season home games at the ballpark and will have a locker-room on site as well.

The City and Malden High School will be able to use the facility for school, athletic or community activities such as graduations, celebrations or alumni events using a discounted fee scale.

MFOD will voluntarily comply with the Malden local hiring ordinance and make a concerted effort to hire local residents for the construction jobs.

There will be over one hundred part-time jobs at the ballpark during the baseball season, with priority given to Malden residents.

Each home game will provide an opportunity for a youth group or other non-profit group to raise money: 50/50 raffle, selling of programs, etc.

There will be a community contest to name-the-team during 2017.

Assuming prompt regulatory and other approvals, construction would begin in the summer of 2017, with the first pitch planned for April of 2019.

There are 40 cities and towns in Massachusetts that start with the letter “M.” As you think of them, images will enter your mind. Perhaps it’s the picturesque harbors of Manchester-by-the Sea. Maybe it’s Mashpee’s sandy beaches. And hopefully, in a short time, when people think of Malden, they will think of it being not only one of the best places in the country to raise children, but also the home of one the great Minor League Baseball ballparks in the country.

That is the goal of Malden Field of Dreams (MFOD). We want to bring to Malden the delight of affordable family entertainment that is matchlessly offered by baseball and its home…a ballpark.

Our hope is to build something that Malden residents will be proud of and will also enhance the brand of the city. We look forward to our ballpark being a major part of the economic appeal and growth of Malden. We seek to be a part of the community, enriching not just the fans who will be entertained by our team, but also providing support to the academic, athletic, and social development of Malden students. All of this is on top of the jobs we will be bringing to Malden to build our ballpark and then to support the activities within our ballpark.

It should also be noted that MFOD will make a concerted effort to meet the goals of the Malden local ordinance that encourages the hiring of local residents on Malden construction projects. After all, this ballpark makes MFOD part of the Malden community. With this in mind, MFOD has already been working closely with community representatives, and will continue to do so, in order to make sure that the Malden community will support this project. The project will also undergo comprehensive review by the City of Malden and other government agencies.

Our hope is to be a stimulus for the economic development of Malden by introducing decision makers, job creators, businesses, and families to the many virtues of the city. By bringing new visitors to downtown Malden, existing business should flourish and new businesses will seek to open their doors. The ballpark will serve to be more than just a venue for quality Minor League baseball; our ballpark will be able to host meetings, conferences, concerts, and a wide assortment of events that previously would not have considered Malden as their venue.

MFOD’s Malden Park has a distinctive use that will enhance the urban experience for Malden residents, businesses and visitors. Just like at Fenway Park, Malden residents and other patrons will walk or take public transportation (the Orange Line) to a great evening at the ballpark with friends and family. Our patrons will use established shops and restaurants both before and after games and especially on otherwise slow business summer nights and weekends. MFOD will work with the City’s goal of revitalizing its retail base and work with the City to come up with creative solutions to ongoing commuter traffic concerns by identifying satellite parking areas and keeping traffic away from residential neighborhoods.

You see, there is a reason why we refer to our group as “Malden Field of Dreams.” We know, as the great movie Field of Dreams stated, “If we build it, they will come.” And as they come, Malden will prosper.

With the amount of information being presented from different outlets, it may be difficult to keep track of the progress of this project proposal. Malden Mayor Christenson has created the "Mayor's Information Center" for the proposed ballpark. The logo below will take you to the Mayor’s page or click the links to visit specific components.

Malden Park Facts and conceptual drawings

Below, take a tour of the site and see an overview of the proposed Malden Park as presented by Mark Rosenshein, Vice President of The Architectural Team (from the MRA Hearing of 1/12/2012).

Showing the sustainable, state-of-the-art design of Malden Park from a variety of angles.

“We want this to be the postcard of Malden.”

Q: Some are concerned that this ballpark will only be used for 40-50 games per year and then it will sit idle for the remaining 300 plus days a year.  Please describe how this facility will be used during baseball and non-baseball season.

Matt Perry: “This is designed to be a multi-use ballpark. This team will hire someone specifically devoted to focus to working with promoters, area businesses, and school systems to schedule events. All of this will be a big part of our focus. We will welcome community input in the types of events that can be held at the ballpark.”

Approximate Opening Day for Malden Park: April 15, 2019

Alex Bok: “We are looking at having concerts, on a limited basis, with the approval of the City. We are looking for this to be a meeting resource for businesses. We expect to be leaders in finding events to host.”